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Being Empathetic means that you can feel and observe someone’s emotions. You may best know intuitively how to be kind, but you also learn to feel the range of emotions.  A Queen is fine-mannered but smart too. One of the lessons I am still struggling to learn is that not everyone looks out for others or is genuine.  It sounds silly, but it is taking me a lifetime. 

The question of WIIFE (what’s in it for me) is not one I ask.  How can I help? How are you feeling? Those are the types of questions I ask.

Life has depth and meaning and it is not all about money or how much you will make from being nice.  Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping and what money can do.  Just ask anyone in my family.  Or the people at Nordstroms.

This is not a Judeo-Christian type of turn the other cheek behavior meant to let people walk all over you.  Yet, Empathy has the power to heal and comfort. How cool is that?

It also lets you see the ones who are insincere, manipulative, not listening, arrogant and too busy to care.  That is not an excuse. Everyone is busy. Even the President has the time to look around the room while planning war strategy.

Empathy is knowledge. I don’t always have a lot of patience because I pick up quickly the intention, or lack thereof.  Intention and attention are attributes of Empathy.   Footprints on your back are not.

But, back to that life lesson I am still trying to learn.  Years ago, I took one of many personality tests I have taken over the years.  The results showed that I am part of only 2% of the population. While that can be affirming that I am one of the chosen and special few, it is also a reminder that what I take for granted in treating other people courteously and kindly, is misunderstood by 98% of the population!

Self-knowledge is hard won;  the ups and downs, heartbreaks, and losses are not easier because you are an Empathy Queen.  However, the opportunity to choose and reveal yourself to those who appreciate it or need it is one of the leaps of faith you make.  Sometimes the only “thank you” is the one you tell yourself through gritted teeth.

Empathy is powerful.  It comes from firemen, police men, teachers and nurses. It informs idealism, creativity, productivity and cooperation. But cross an Empathy Queen, and try to abuse her abilities, and she never forgets.


Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate it more than you know.
Disclaimer: Not everything I write is about one person. I really do have a combination of experiences from life, adventures, and work history. Please don’t think it is all about you, good or bad.



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