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planets spinning in space

Life’s truths can be surprising and absurd. For me these are some of the most recent surprising events.

While perusing online courses, I found a certificate in “Intelligence Management.” Well, that explains it; you have to train for it. I did not realize that you had a choice. So, is this meant to show the difference between the good guys and the stupid guys?

People who walk into me always surprise me. Are you kidding? I am too big to miss and yet, people crash into me so often. Are they paying attention to something else? If I am so invisible, why is my dress size so big?

I read a help wanted request for a summer camp. They were looking for a nurse but the ad specified that the person did not have to be specifically working onsite. Is this nurse supposed to be a medical intuitive? Does she guess when someone needs a band aid?

What about those snack size bags of poppable chocolates? They advertise them as take along, mini-sized fun. But when you look at the nutritional information, it identifies that this little bag has 3 ½ servings. I don’t stand a chance. There is no way that little bag is not going to evaporate in one sitting.

There are so many more around us that simply make no sense or make me laugh. What are some of the absurdities you have seen or heard?

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  1. I never understood why they make those little bags of food more than one serving. Or a can of food. Or whatever. IF something is individually packaged, doesn’t that imply that it’s one serving? Of course I’m fat, I have no idea what a serving size is, because everything is packaged in 2 5/8 servings.

    • Yes! exactly! thank you so much for reading and your comment, it is good to know that I am not the only one.

  2. One size fits all…yeah; right.

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