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last photo of mom and dad holding hand 4.26.13

Given the loss of our most special mother and grandparents in the past sixteen months, I was very touched by this post. We all want to be loved and respected as mothers and fathers. Despite what children may think, our love is profound, deep and endless.

In My Old Age (A Letter From Our Parents)

By Anonymous Ink

In my old age, please understand and pardon me. If because of my poor eyesight, I break a plate or spill soup on the dining table. Please don’t scold me. An old person is sensitive. I pity myself every time you yell at me.

When I’m dull of hearing and don’t understand what you’re saying, please don’t call me “deaf!” ; just repeat what you are saying or write it down. I’m sorry, my child, I’m really old.

When my knees are weak, please patiently help me stand up, just like I did to you when you’re just learning how to walk.

Be patient with me, if I’m being persistent and repetitious like a broken record. Just listen to me. Please don’t laugh at me or get annoyed listening to me. Do you remember when you were young? When you wanted a balloon, you would ask for it the whole day until you got what you wanted. I was patient with your requests.

Please be patient with my smell. Old people smell like soil. Don’t force me to take a shower. My body is too weak. I get sick easily when I get cold. Please don’t feel disgusted with me. Do you remember when you were young? I took pains chasing you under the bed when you didn’t want to take a bath.

Be patient with me if I am often irritable. That’s probably because of my old age. When you grow old yourself, you will understand me.

When you have time, let’s talk, even for just a moment. I feel lonely at home. I’m alone all day long with no one to talk with. I know you are busy with your work, but I want you to know that I am eager to talk to you, even if I know you are not interested in what I will tell you. Do you remember when you were a child? I patiently listened to your stuttering as you narrate your stories about your teddy bear.

And when I get sick and bedridden, please don’t get tired taking care of me. Forgive me, if I urinate or defecate in bed; please take care of me, in the last moments of my life. After all, I will not be staying for long.

When the time of my death comes, please hold my hand tightly and give me strength and courage to face death.

Don’t worry, when I face our Creator, I will ask him to bless you – because you loved your father and mother…(This is a translation of the work “Sa Aking Pagtanda (Sulat Ni Nanay At Tatay)”. The original work is written in Tagalog by Ariel F. Robles. )



  1. What was the letter? It’s been deleted from the original site.

    • Thanks for letting me know. Apparently that blogger deleted the whole account which is a pity as it was a great thoughtful blog.
      This has now been adjusted to put it in the body of the post.

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