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at last I am 50

Fifty is the age of rationalization
It is definitely not the new 30 unless you have lots of money and surgery or both!

Duck pin bowling is the sport of kings and birthday parties everywhere. As an elementary school child, it was a rainy day or boring Sunday outing. Well, I played this week for the first time in who knows how many years. Truly, it could be longer than my youngest child has been on this Earth.

I have discovered that my magical powers are in my mind; I notice everything and catch each subtext. I speak in multi-syllabic words like epinephrine, balloon angioplasty, Parkinsonian, thyroid stimulating hormone, and know the generic name of almost any drug that I and my relatives are taking. Words are my friends.

Maybe fifty is the age of the mind?

My ability is definitely not in my joints and limbs. There is nothing like trying to join in a sport and hit with power. As I approached the line on the overly slippery lanes, with arrows pointing straight ahead, I looked at those around and how easy they appeared to toss the ball and seeing their strong arms and tendons fly halfway down the lane. With great force, I attempted to fold my body and throw the ball down the lane. My leg went one way and my knee went the other. Ouch!

Then I fell. Charmingly graceful for an overweight 50 year old grandmother to land on her butt and be unable to get back on her feet. I laughed hard ~ the signs of nerves, embarrassment and humiliation. As any sensitive person knows, laugh first and loudly so you don’t have to hear others laugh at you. I am not a fan of slapstick, never have been; I feel too badly for the one falling over and cannot laugh at someone else’s misfortune. It is just an Empathy Queen’s mindset to feel pain and help first. I looked like a nut sitting on the floor laughing and trying to get myself back up. But in the land of 50, as long as you get up that counts as success!

Maybe fifty is the age of the nervous laugh?

Keep me posted and I will keep you posted!



  1. I’m so proud of you! Your work improves with every post. Keep doing what you’re doing because it works!

    • Ittymac, you are always so kind and generous with your praise! it means so much coming from someone as special and talented as you.

      • I haven’t seen you on my new blog page. If you’d like, visit. on wordpress. I’d appreciate any feedback you give.

  2. I wrote this poem out for my mom the year before she turned 50. When you need a poetic moment to soothing find the silly in life Odgen Nash always delivers!
    “I’m like a backward berry
    Unripened on the vine,
    For all my friends are fifty
    And I’m only forty-nine.

    My friends are steeped in wisdom,
    Like senators they go,
    In the light of fifty candles,
    And one on which to grow.

    How can I cap their sallies,
    Or top their taste in wine?
    Matched with the worldly fifties,
    What chance has forty-nine?

    Behold my old companions,
    My playmates and my peers,
    Remote on their Olympus
    Of half a hundred years!

    These grave and reverend seniors,
    They call me Little Man,
    They pat my head jocosely
    And pinch my cheek of tan.

    Why must I scuff my loafers
    And grin a schoolboy grin?
    Is not my waist as ample?
    Is not my hair as thin?

    When threatened with a rumba,
    Do I not seek the bar?
    And am I not the father
    Of a freshman at Bryn Mawr?

    O, wad some pawky power
    Gie me a gowden giftie,
    I’d like to stop at forty-nine,
    But pontificate like fifty.”

    Ogden Nash: The Calendar-Watchers, or
    What’s So Wonderful About Being a Patriarch?

    • This is fabulous!! Thank you so much for sharing. Oh yes, far too much serious and some silly and pure laughter is needed.

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