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comfort zone cartoon

Those of you that understand the origin of that line are old like me and it is part of the trivia vernacular.

This is a thank you for allowing me to reach 200 followers today!

When I began blogging, I did not think anyone would read it. If I was lucky, maybe someone would see it once in a blue moon (another piece of trivia: the 2nd full moon in the same month) meaning it would be a rare occurrence.

I was very nervous, overshared, and definitely was afraid to have my posts be read. Like many just starting out, I did not know what I could possibly write and “voice” out of my usual three dimensional conversations. After that anxious moment of hitting the “Publish” button, I was more afraid and nervous not to be read. Delicate egos and all that.

Tastes are different and it is hard to know who is listening, who agrees, and who is just looking for trouble.

I am so flattered and encouraged that people have read my posts and added their positive comments. Each follower gives me a chance to link back and look at their blog. There are so many fascinating, frank, and funny contributors, beautiful photographers and glorious poets.

Thank you for sharing and visiting! Thank you for making me feel welcome. It means more than you know.



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