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Feel free to borrow these. Sometimes, a quote can say more than I want to in fewer words. Sometimes, it helps to see in black and white that someone agrees with how you feel. Sometimes, it is helpful to remind yourself of empathy for everyone, including you.

listen completely

You can learn so much by listening and observing others. You may not like everything that you see and hear, but at least you have a comparison of what works as a good model or a bad example in the midst of chaos.

louise-hay-criticizing larger

I promise this is a “No Fluff” zone and I am not going to start filling this space with hippy dippy smiling butterflies and costumed cats.


Thank you for stopping by!  It means more than you know.





  1. Borrowed. With the intention of using. Thanks!

  2. Hii! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out here:

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