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conceptual by sadalit

In my wistful dreams, I hope to see my mother or hear the messages to strengthen me during difficult times. Sometimes, I am so busy in my dreams ~ colors, images, conversations, names and places, looking around and visually taking inventory ~ and wake up exhausted.

The only fragment I could recall yesterday was holding my mother’s glasses and looking through them. I knew that I could not see clearly because our prescriptions were not the same. Yet, I looked through them and recall thinking how our friend must have changed the lenses because suddenly I could see through them!

I don’t recall seeing my mother directly, but thought about how I was seeing through her eyes. Was it a message that she could see me? My own thoughts were that now I must see the world through her eyes. Perhaps, it is her vision, but my eyes that need to see clearly.

Where my mother saw rainbows, I saw rain. Where my mother saw trees, I saw the walls that framed them. Every day was an adventure for my mother and she greeted each one with a smile.

She continued to tell my father, as she woke each day, “One more day to say I Love You.”

I am struggling mightily to see the world through her eyes. Ironically, my eyes pick up colors and pay attention to things that I never looked at before. Perhaps she is pushing me softly, encouraging me, to look at things in a different way. As for myself, I see them and know how much my mother would have enjoyed a certain color, a toy, seeing the leaves change, and look forward to admiring the Thanksgiving table.

The visions I had hoped for have not occurred, but perhaps it is a Mother’s love giving me the gift of sight, and stepping out of the way, to let me look forward.


  1. Looking at things from a different perspective opens us our hearts to the beautiful diversities of insight. What a telling dream! Wonderful!

  2. B ~ your continuing support and wondrous outlook are so greatly appreciated.

  3. So very beautiful! This made me think about my own wonderful mother. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. You are so sweet! Sometimes things make me emotional, like thinking about my Mom, but I never quite know how others will feel. I appreciate your comment so very much.

  5. Just beautiful. If it were only as easy as passing on a pair of glasses 🙂

    • Thank you so very much. Yes, it has been a lifetime of watching and trying to learn.

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