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Another year approaches and lists of the best and the worst are available at every turn. Each format is to be a unique reminder: Top 40 songs, 100 Most Popular movies, Top 2013 headlines in review.

While we say that we are looking forward, and all agree we need a fresh new start, I think that we are really in a tug of war with ourselves and those things that are known to us. Young and new are merely points on a long continuum as are the Old. It is simply a perspective and matter of which direction you are facing when figuring out your place and where to stand. It requires a careful look to determine your stance; is there the need to push forth or go a bit more slowly and savor the path?

If you look behind you, and see others there, you feel comforted in moving forward. If you are at the head of the line, that confidence may wobble or you will pick up the baton and lead the parade.

At 17, you feel that you are old and don’t need anyone’s permission to use your freedom accordingly. At 30, you think that seriousness must prevail and review of career and parenthood loom. 40 and 50 prove to be strong selling points for moisturizer, eye cream and Weight Watchers. 60 and 70 used to mean retirement in a world that cannot afford to do so and people living many years longer.

Letting go sounds grand in concept, but my memories are critical reminders of what is being left behind. They are coming with me. Yes, the baggage is heavy to carry, but comes with me wherever I go. Make new memories, but keep the old. One is Silver and the other Gold.

Happy 2014 to all those that read this post ~ and those that do not ~ and may it offer you the shiny promise you seek and the chance to do all the things that you like for another year.



  1. Unfortunately, I carry my baggage with me. But the contents have been great lessons. However, I have used a trash compactor, and they are no longer too heavy to carry. Happy new year to you!

    • Great plan April!! Reduce, reuse and recycle in our truest selves and senses. Happy Happy Happy New Year to you!!

  2. Happy New Year. I love the idea of holding onto wonderful things of old.

  3. Thank you Anna Rose. In my humble opinion, memories and life lessons should come with us, as well as, hopefully, our personally being a part of those things we have in our house that we do know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful (to paraphrase William Morris). Happy New Year to you!

  4. Happy New Year!!

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