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It is an achievement when we are true to our values and authenticity.  Sincerity, kindness, compassion and caring for others is a way for us to create long lasting happiness and stability in our lives.  Self satisfaction and acquiring new skills, as well as acknowledging our talents, are part of the Happiness journey.  My state of happiness looks different than anyone else’s because it belongs to me. If it is a journey, then it is an individual pursuit. It cannot be quantified and should not be compared to someone else’s state of being.  People compare anyway, to fit us into some prescribed box, or their version of what happy is supposed to look like. But in a black and white world, Happiness comes in all shades.

achievement of your happiness

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  1. This is the site I am looking for.

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    As I look back at some of my previous posts from a few years ago, I am pleased to see that my priorities and intrinsic values have not changed. For better or worse, I look outward and watch people. I notice so much including those who do not make eye contact. I have learned that means a person is avoiding something (in addition to me). But whatever their stress and concern is, I bless them and wish them well. I would prefer the scenic route on this journey of life and leave the potholes and mountains to climb far behind. Thank you for visiting!

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