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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Leftovers Sandwich.”


People do not gossip to share another’s virtue and extol their incredible humanity.

Empathy comes in many forms. But when poisonous half-truths and embellished lies are said behind someone’s back, they cannot be recovered. We can destroy a person with a few lines shared with many people.

A person can work hard his whole life or turn his life around from a tragic situation. Those with mental disorders or drug addiction fight to heal and become stronger, better, and more able and empathetic to others who have shared the battle. Those who have known loss can understand the depth of someone else’s grief. Those who have committed a crime have spent their time in prison, expressed remorse, and having been rehabilitated, want to be given a fair chance to begin anew.

A struggle is as individual as a fingerprint. You can look at it but it will always be from a distance and not the truth that exists deep within. A few bitter words can dash dreams or personal growth. Your words can cast them back to the saddest and most difficult fight of their lives. Those who hear the negativity will absorb it as truth, obtained from someone that they trust, thinking that it could never be false.

A moment’s authority, validation, attention-seeking, or wallowing in someone else’s drama, can literally destroy another’s life. Doors and minds will close and the person whose value you destroyed will never even know why.  Also, those things you said, the conspiratorial whispers of gossip, will always come back one way or another. What will people say about you behind your back?

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  1. Excellent post. I love the saying, “It’s none of your business what people say about you!” Used to bother me, but not any more. You do your best, and that’s the best you can do 🙂

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