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autumn dusk_empathy queen
blue moon

There is no such thing as perfection. Even in nature, it is not only the greenest of trees, or sunniest of days, that appeal to us. Our spirits find comfort in darkened skies, barren landscapes, frosty moons, and cloudy sunsets. It becomes perfection, in a fleeting moment, as it satisfies our individual moods and reflects our changing perspectives.

Perfection is a changeable factor. We want everything to be so pretty, colorful, bright, and perhaps well matched. To others, it is the crazy quilt combination and rough-hewn irregularity that expresses perfection. We can never create perfection for someone else because as hard as we try, it is our bias that we are using. As long as someone else has the right to approve or disapprove, to hold dear or discard, to treasure or to turn away, we will never feel perfected or completely embraced in it.

There is no such thing as perfection, unless we will it to be so, in how we view it within ourselves and consider it among the gifts of our heart or mind.

Every effort to do the right thing is a blessing. But the recipient does not always know that it is a gift, they may not even know who the giver is. We attempt to please someone else with what they can see and receive from us. But, sometimes, just giving what the other person needs is the most “perfect” thing, even that which does not seem so to us.

We can love in the best possible way we know how and others will discard it. We can try to say the most perfect words and someone else will choose not to hear it. The illusion of perfection is that the effort to attain it wears you down. Perfection should feel good, peaceful, and a spark of bliss. It is elusive; perfection is confined to a moment in time that you believe to be so. However, it is constantly changing, tipping forward or backward in our personal view of good and bad.

To those who can share such a moment with someone else, you have been gifted a tremendous blessing. However, not all of us who cannot, are “less than.” We are each seeking our moments of joy, insight, understanding, value, appreciation, empathy, compassion, and enduring good. We make the best decisions that we can at the time. In trying to bring about positive change, we seek to create perfection in a place or manner that apathy never can.

Perfection is a desire; striving to improve is a positive thing. Regret, and pain, because we have not achieved such a state, tears down and weakens. If it saps your strength, if the energy is felt and seen around you, as it is in empathetic people, and it hurts you, then it is not perfection.

Perfection is Divine; it is G-d given and not man made. We do not know what is perfect, or right, when things occur in our lives. We pray that it is for our best, but we question that as well. There is beauty in darkness, and sadness in clarity. Highly sensitive people are aware of their feelings and those of others. The noise, the temperature, the smells, and the sensory overload can be too much. Perfection may be the quiet moment in the morning, with the first sip of a wonderful cup of coffee, enjoyed alone. Quiet may be your version of perfection rather than a star-studded gala affair.

Do not regret not being a part of all that the media shows us to be the “perfect” holiday season or necessary start to the New Year. Greet new beginnings at your own pace. There is not only one day out of the year that carries the magic of the spirit. That day, that time, that minute, can be whenever it seems perfectly appropriate to you and it is not subject to anyone else’s approval but yours.

Releasing the need for someone else’s company or approval may be the kindest thing we can do for ourselves. So, even in pain, there is good if we consider it to be so. Even if it only lasts a minute, if our focus on our difficulties and disappointments only lasts as long as a sigh… We have glimpsed peace and the next moment is ours to determine how to move forward, or stand, until we are ready to move again.


  1. Great post. It is often only our own perception of what is perfect.. If we did not have opposites within our world, what would we measure it by..
    The same for Good and Bad.. Light- Dark..
    Its sad in many ways how we have grown within our perception of thinking, for instance what Beauty is, especially within the female model world… Perfection there is a certain size, .. I so love your words
    “There is no such thing as perfection, unless we will it to be so, in how we view it within ourselves and consider it among the gifts of our heart or mind.”

    So true…

    Sending Love and Blessings your way for a ‘Perfect’ Holiday .. 🙂 😉 ,… Hugs Sue x

    • Sue, you are so honest, kind, and generous with your words and experiences. Sending you Peace & Blessings ❤

  2. Love this

  3. This is beautifully written and received; love these words. We must each seek our own vision of perfection and not another’s. Many are on an endless search for the world’s perception of perfection which is not attainable, merely a fantasy. I was once a perfectionist…on a merry-go-round quest I could never achieve. Once I stepped off and found an even ground my world and perception of it forever changed for the good of me. I stopped judging myself and others constantly and started accepting, and now I know what stirs my heart with passion or quiets my soul in peace are indeed special moments in time.

    • Suzi, thank you for sharing your resonance and experience. I am not quite off the merry go round of judgment, but keep trying to remind myself, when I can, of a healthier way and view of a situation I am not happy with. You sound so strong and confident in what you have learned about yourself. 🙂

        • suzicate
        • Posted December 21, 2014 at 9:41 pm
        • Permalink

        I only wish I was strong and confident…I must constantly keep myself in check; recognition is the first step in the process!

  4. Perfect!

  5. 🙂

  6. I hope you don’t mind that I re-blogged this…beautifully written.

    • I am very flattered that you liked it enough to reblog. Expectations of perfection are hard enough fir ourselves, let alone what others’ judgments nay be. Sending you comfort and strength 🙂

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