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a wise man knows what he says

The truth, like each word, can be understood differently depending upon the observer.  Freedom of expression, or a desire thereof, is why we write and comment upon each other’s posts.  The power of words can create, destroy, encourage, portend, compliment, or poison.  A vow changes a life forever.

Our life experiences help us to see below the façade and understand the individual Truths.  We think before we speak and understand.  Hearing and listening are two different activities. Whether it is empathetic and compassionate is as much up to the speaker as it is to the listener.  A wise man knows what he says, but a wise person sees beneath the superficial to the underlying message to be learned.

Raise your voice and close your eyes.

I hope that you are hearing kind words.


Thanks for stopping by! It means more than you know.



  1. Thanks for this!

    • Thank you for appreciating what I am trying to say and wish I could!! So glad that you read the post and shared a comment~~~

  2. Totally agree with you. Wounds heal but the words, especially the endearing ones and the one which hurt you stay in the corner of heart forever.

  3. hearing you loud and Clear my friend and I endorse each sentence you penned.. ❤

    • Thank you Sue!! What people say and what is the truth are not mutually exclusive. But sharing the understanding and empathy with someone who genuinely “gets it” makes the journey easier to bear. ❤

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