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The quickest way to boost your serotonin and float those happiness neurons is to speak to someone who is passionate!

No, I don’t mean that kind of passion.  I mean someone who is passionate about a cause, or an activity, or empathy, or charity – and is not afraid to speak about it.

There is a wonderful feeling you get when you speak to someone who just “gets it.”  The world is not just about him; in fact, it is about making others feel appreciated, and validated, so that they can help make even more people feel comforted and cared for!

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with someone who works in the health field.  He keeps his people from burnout, and retains long term employees, by respecting that it takes effort to be empathetic, and hear other people’s problems, or circumstances.  He understood that by keeping his employees validated, and encouraged, the environment of trust and loyalty extended from his staff right down to the way they handled the phones. He understood that they are the face of the company and treating them gently at times, and well, meant that they could do so for others.

In addition to special outings, or meals, or even small gifts of appreciation – like chocolate, or a book – he brings in a psychologist once a month to speak with his employees.  Not because he thinks that they are unwell. On the contrary, he wants to be sure that they remain healthy, heard, and understood.  For those who care for others, in any way, it is hard to leave the stories behind at the end of the day.

When you open your heart, or help to lighten the burden, you are carrying a piece of someone else’s pain with you. It is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of your effort to strengthen someone else.  If you don’t open your heart, at least a little, you cannot express kindness or compassion to another. Finding others who “get it,” and share your passion makes the journey kinder and more inspiring along the way.


Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you enjoy your visit.  It means more than you know.




  1. I know we “get it,” eq. Let’s remain hopeful and active in encouraging others to adopt, become vocal about and live such passions!

  2. A relevant perspective.

  3. So true. It always helps us to help others.

  4. I wish there were more people like this gentleman. I would love to work for him.

    • Yes, he was very special and very direct. He was honest and understood the toll that pain has on everyone and that no one is immune from difficulties. But his attitude was refreshing and positive – and a very unique attitude. ❤

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