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surround yourself with dreamers

The person waiting for you to fail is not leading you to success, but he is assuring you that there is more kindness waiting for you down the road.

There are plenty of happy people who are saying nothing and sad people who speak from the heart and experience. The sad people are much more interesting.

Life is not always perfect and it is not always kind. But if I can hold a dream ahead of me, without knowing how or when, then I have something better to look forward to.

Positive change is much more fun than status quo (even if it is scary).

Dreamers have enough imagination to let each person find his or her way in their own good time.

Thank you for stopping by! I am holding up my smile as best as I can.


  1. Happy Dreaming!

  2. More kindness. Please sir, I want some more. 🙂 (With apologies to Dickens.)

  3. This quote means so much to me as I continue along my journey of becoming a writer. I achieve no better feeling than when I’m in the company of fellow writers and those who love to read.

    • I needed to see this today, thank you.

      • So glad that you read this post Bethie! We all need a lift once in awhile. Thank you.

    • I am so glad. I agree, finding your community, no matter how far away is wonderful. 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on An Aspiring Writer and commented:
    Great words of wisdom!

  5. This is so lovely. I am so glad I read it. It was just what I needed tonight. Thanks.

  6. love that last line. so important

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