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Monthly Archives: May 2015



Crushing someone’s dreams, enthusiasm, trust and loyalty is a short term solution to a long term benefit.  It is invaluable and once lost, cannot be regained. Why would you want to lose a human dividend?

If someone is in such a need to control what someone else says or does, then it is a reflection of their insecurities, not yours.

Seeking someone else’s weaknesses in order to manipulate them is such a waste of human productivity, idealism and possibility.

Teachers, in all manner, let others take their innate abilities and grow.  It is a positive reflection on the person who can do it because there is room enough for others’ successes and an unlimited amount of abundance of faith.

Which travels faster – a good word or a complaint?  Which is more lasting in the memory?

Being a sensitive person means actions and feelings do speak louder than words. Sadly, so many people have to hide who they are and those in great need do not seek the support that could change their life and those around them.

Admitting that you are human is always more helpful to others than shutting the door to your emotions and efforts.

There is great joy in discovering possibility and opportunity. It reminds us that we are not limited by our circumstances, but by our belief in ourselves.  Why stay with someone who does not see your value?

For those of us who put others first, we imagine that others are as sincere, caring and honest as ourselves.  We are vulnerable and direct and assume that others are as well.  Admitting that you have to give up on someone is difficult.  It goes against our grain to think that someone is beyond our help or refuses to be uplifted by our encouragement.

There are so many situations where kindness and compassion can make a profound difference in someone’s life.  The backstabbers and the gossips only try to make a difference in improving their own life by limiting someone else’s strengths.  That does not make them better people; it just proves that they have to reduce the competition to make themselves seem better.

If your battle is someone else’s currency, then they have bigger issues than you could ever have.

It may take you longer to get to the finish line, but every step has value.

Charity comes in many forms.

Do good things even when no one else is looking because it is the right thing to do and you deserve to be that kind of person.

Putting on blinders to other people does not protect you, it just limits your view.

Sadly, the world already has enough negative, suspicious and scheming people.

Keep hoping, dreaming, inspiring, and encouraging yourself and others.

If anything I have shared has helped you to feel better, than I am hopefully fulfilling my purpose to improve the world one person at a time.

here for a purpose

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knowing when to walk away

Those people that tell you to listen to their negativity because it is for your own good?

It is not. It is for their own good. The better to manipulate with, my dear.

Those people who tell you that constructive criticism is important for self-growth? When was the last time you saw them accepting such necessary need for self-growth?  Also, if there was nothing positive in the message then it was not constructive, it was destructive.

Our most basic understanding of life forms tells us that roots need room to run deep and flowers need to face the sun.  They require nurturing, the necessity of water, the life force, time, and the right environment to flourish and thrive.

That person in your life that says it is all your fault and that if you speak again, you will be treated in some punitive way, is not giving you even the barest of conditions for growth.

It is scary; most people have doubts, questions, and insecurities.  The ones that admit it, make room for others to express themselves, and seek to create a better environment for all.  Those that don’t admit it, and repeatedly tell you that you deserve such treatment, are manipulative.  Those people are not honest or looking at their own need for improvement or acceptance of how the person they became today was formed yesterday.

Consider ~ are the messages that you are receiving benefiting you, or someone else?

If it was coming from love, or compassion, you would feel comforted and peaceful. But, you realize that your interal discomfort and distrust is because it reminds you of another false message. Trust your instincts and your brain when you realize it is a message that has been relayed and replayed before. Know that you deserve better than that, and being on your own, is preferable to living in someone else’s isolation. Behave with integrity and dignity. Be sincere in your compliments and seek to raise someone else up rather than only yourself. Real dignity means extending it to someone else, or to yourself, when you realize it is time for a change. Change is not easy, but it is critical to step out of the shade.

Consider this – those that make fun of such type of thoughts are showing their true character. Their lack of trust, suspicion and arrogance has nothing to do with you. You did not make them behave that way. It is their behavior, not yours, that creates a lack of balance.

Suspicion and anger create a lack; Faith and belief know that abundance is never limited.

You have the opportunity to improve the level of the world in a group, or one-to-one, but at least you are making the effort and room for all who want to strengthen their roots. You are taking a step to face the sun.


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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.”

starry night sky

LULLABY by Dorothy Parker

Sleep, pretty lady, the night is enfolding you;
Drift, and so lightly, on crystalline streams.
Wrapped in its perfumes, the darkness is holding you;
Starlight bespangles the way of your dreams.
Chorus the nightingales, wistfully amorous;
Blessedly quiet, the blare of the day.
All the sweet hours may your visions be glamorous-
Sleep, pretty lady, as long as you may.

Sleep, pretty lady, the night shall be still for you;
Silvered and silent, it watches you rest.
Each little breeze, in its eagerness, will for you
Murmur the melodies ancient and blest.
So in the midnight does happiness capture us;
Morning is dim with another day’s tears.
Give yourself sweetly to images rapturous-
Sleep, pretty lady, a couple of years.

Sleep, pretty lady, the world awaits day with you;
Girlish and golden, the slender young moon.
Grant the fond darkness its mystical way with you;
Morning returns to us ever too soon.
Roses unfold, in their loveliness, all for you;
Blossom the lilies for hope of your glance.
When you’re awake, all the men go and fall for you-
Sleep, pretty lady, and give me a chance.

Thank you so much for visiting! Dorothy Parker was so much more talented than given credit for. I found this poem beautifully described the crescents and valleys of our sleep and dreams. I hope that you enjoy it as well.

books_washing machine

books by eudora welty

Reading is the one journey where you take one step and travel lifetimes. You can discover the world from the center of your bed and have all of the attention of characters focused solely on you.

It relaxes, it coaxes, it soothes, and it strengthens. Fear and doubt can be washed away in a few pages. Close the book, and you can feel your soul expand and your chest rise with an enlarged beating heart. There are so many books and authors, yet, reading is the one obsession that we do not tire of. Rather, it grows with our indulgences and seeks out even more.

An appreciation for reading and writing is what propels us to begin sharing our stories. The scope and reach is so large that even when our own world becomes too small, the universe awaits us, embraces us, and shelters us in the cocoon of words once more.
Thank you so much for visiting! I hope that you enjoy your visit.

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