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Crushing someone’s dreams, enthusiasm, trust and loyalty is a short term solution to a long term benefit.  It is invaluable and once lost, cannot be regained. Why would you want to lose a human dividend?

If someone is in such a need to control what someone else says or does, then it is a reflection of their insecurities, not yours.

Seeking someone else’s weaknesses in order to manipulate them is such a waste of human productivity, idealism and possibility.

Teachers, in all manner, let others take their innate abilities and grow.  It is a positive reflection on the person who can do it because there is room enough for others’ successes and an unlimited amount of abundance of faith.

Which travels faster – a good word or a complaint?  Which is more lasting in the memory?

Being a sensitive person means actions and feelings do speak louder than words. Sadly, so many people have to hide who they are and those in great need do not seek the support that could change their life and those around them.

Admitting that you are human is always more helpful to others than shutting the door to your emotions and efforts.

There is great joy in discovering possibility and opportunity. It reminds us that we are not limited by our circumstances, but by our belief in ourselves.  Why stay with someone who does not see your value?

For those of us who put others first, we imagine that others are as sincere, caring and honest as ourselves.  We are vulnerable and direct and assume that others are as well.  Admitting that you have to give up on someone is difficult.  It goes against our grain to think that someone is beyond our help or refuses to be uplifted by our encouragement.

There are so many situations where kindness and compassion can make a profound difference in someone’s life.  The backstabbers and the gossips only try to make a difference in improving their own life by limiting someone else’s strengths.  That does not make them better people; it just proves that they have to reduce the competition to make themselves seem better.

If your battle is someone else’s currency, then they have bigger issues than you could ever have.

It may take you longer to get to the finish line, but every step has value.

Charity comes in many forms.

Do good things even when no one else is looking because it is the right thing to do and you deserve to be that kind of person.

Putting on blinders to other people does not protect you, it just limits your view.

Sadly, the world already has enough negative, suspicious and scheming people.

Keep hoping, dreaming, inspiring, and encouraging yourself and others.

If anything I have shared has helped you to feel better, than I am hopefully fulfilling my purpose to improve the world one person at a time.

here for a purpose

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  1. All such meaningful and true words. Letting go of the negativity around us, seeing the positive and striving for it- all so important to rmember. Great post

    • Thank you! This is one if the wonderful things about blogging — finding the people who “get” it, even if you are surrounded by those who do not. ❤

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