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While the world mourns with France, and offers solidarity in all of its forms to the victims’ families, please remember that suicide bombers exist in other countries around the world.

Any time violent attacks are encouraged, and the families of suicide bombers are recompensed by a peoples’ leaders, it becomes an economic issue to be desired.

When suicide bombers attack in France, the numbers of the dead specifically reported in the media are those excluding the attackers.

Those who seek death and destruction, in other countries around the world, should not be considered victims. If you incite violence, you are the attacker, not peace-loving, or just.

When we sit with leaders that advocate destruction of another race, we are giving their hatred a platform and recognition to pursue it further.  Our history has proven this over and over as people turn a blind eye to the truth.

How quickly some extremists run to claim their violent actions as if somehow they were an honor? Why are we so slow to care and defend those who died merely for their beliefs?

When we teach our children that a race of people are not worthy of life, or human value, we allow atrocities to occur around the world.

This kind of thinking, or apathy to such acts, has been occurring for centuries.

Today the world mourns the innocent victims of France.  Will action occur or merely become tomorrow’s old news?

Suicide bombers are not freedom fighters; those who willfully create terror, fear, and a path of destruction wherever they are, and claim that their G-d has willed it to be so, do not operate according to G-d’s will, but their own.

Please pray for all innocent victims of brutal attacks wherever they may occur in the World. Today, take your indignation and anger, and apply it to seeking peace and safety for all populations.


I am not trying to be political, nor controversial. I do not want to encourage negative discussion, dissent, or hatred.  This is one person’s opinion and not meant to isolate or demean anyone. This is an unusual departure from my normal posts and not a permanent change to the tone of this site.

It is my hope that we extend our empathy and support to all victims of terror wherever they may be.



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