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highly sensitive people are humane

These are cold and dark days where some of us reside.  Resilience, and the will to survive difficult situations, is a sign of strength not weakness.  Keep trying, keep believing, keep putting one foot in front of the other. Whether the blizzard is outside of your door, or within, you can weather the storm. May you be blessed with comfort and peace in a safe place that you create for yourself.


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  1. What beautiful sentiments… Thank you for shining your light upon those empathic beings.. Those amongst us who are feeling the energies right now.. The weather a reflection of the confusion and turmoil..
    The above quote so true..
    Many thanks for your thoughts and I am so pleased I caught this in my reader before I close for the weekend.
    Stay safe and warm.. Love and Blessings Sue xxx ❤

    • How kind of you Sue. We need more kindness and understanding as you well know. The need for healing, inside and out, and encouragement is necessary for all souls. Blessings to you as well.

      • we do indeed.. Take comfort in the knowledge there are many more empathic beings out there, who also are sending love, and kindness.. We are only being shown the Media’s perspective.. For all those reported in Anger.. there are many kind acts that go unnoticed.. so take heart.. We are helping create the changes we came to instigate .. Love to you my friend.. your light is bright xx

  2. Such important words.

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