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No one ever became more important  by tearing down someone else.  Lasting power and long-term respect cannot be created out of fear.

That person who asked to be forgiven and then bad mouthed you again, in front of you, or behind your back? That person broke down your trust. Any effort at compassion that rises up in your heart, because that is the person that you really are, got chipped away each time another effort was made to put you down.

Each time another lie or cruelty was said to you, or about you, you kept on standing in your truth.

We don’t always change our environment. Sometimes, out of fear, or love, or pain, we stay where we are.  Sometimes, the abuse has worn us down so much, we think we don’t have the strength or the energy to take a step in a new direction. Sometimes, we feel chained by our history or our doubt.

Keep the faith – believe that you are worth more than someone else said you were.  Know that while someone else tried to knock you down, over and over, you kept on getting up.

A person who is self-aware, and emotionally mature, cannot stand in the shadows for long. We want better. We know better. We deserve better.

You deserve better.

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  1. I’m positive this read will change lives of anyone related. ❤

  2. I know someone now who is rising from the ashes, realizing the abuse and moving on….and I am so happy for this person. Sometimes others can see what someone living it does not, but hallelujah when they do and take a stand!

    • Suzi, it is such a hard step to take whatever form the abuse comes in. I am sure that your support means the world for this person.

  3. I absolutely love this. I’ve been through alot and with God’s help I am realizing I do not have to stay in the emotional state I was in. Who the Son sets free is truly free indeed.

    • Catherine, congratulations! Your bravery is inspiring and your faith and commitment are incredible.

  4. Forsooth, eq. Grounding oneself in a life of integrity, truth and character is noble and strengthening. Lovely words, yours.

  5. beautifully said. I so agree

    • Thank you. I dithered about whether to post or not, it is a serious topic. But, it horrifies me that narcissistic and manipulative individuals will lie to the person or people that they supposedly love, assuming that some ego-driven means of control are “normal” to win some head game. Emotional, physical, verbal, mental – abuse leaves unseen but deep wounds.

      ok. off my soapbox now.

  6. Awsome quote!

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