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vulnerability_brene brown

When you are a highly sensitive person, there is a lot of misunderstanding.  It starts as a teen and people think that you are going through a phase of teenage angst.  Later, people like to say things to you that aren’t very nice, or sharp barbs pretending to be “just kidding” remarks, because you are an easy target.

But, it is always interesting to me that when people are going through their own “phase” of issues, they want someone to listen to them.  The highly sensitive person is the one who will; we may know that it may be self-created drama, but we listen anyway.  When someone is going through their own circumstance of the blues, or stress, despite our own, they look for us to vent.

Some complain that our weakness is that we care about things that don’t necessarily affect us.  I think that it is because our sense of justice and integrity is so strong, that we care about what happens to others in our community and on the other side of the world that causes pain and inequity.

Feeling things deeply isn’t just a phase.  It is a part of who we are, a piece of our heart and soul, as our mind processes the situation and remembers the tiny details.  While people like to call us “too sensitive” when they are feeling good, they seek out this characteristic when they want empathy.  Our sense of honesty is very high and we aren’t afraid to speak the truth.  That doesn’t mean people want to hear it, but we don’t forget.  Another characteristic is our long-term memory.

We have our own phases where the lack of humanity, and our desires to improve the situation or those affected, cause us to feel too much or carry the burden for too long.  But, we rise again with a core of personal strength to prepare ourselves to empathize and listen again.


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