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hope to hope_samuel johnson

While looking for inspiration, I seem to be drawn to the concept of “hope” this week.  There is so much violence in the world and places where people live with a constant threat of terror.

A battle is not always fought on the ground or against a full-metal army.  Sometimes, it is within us.  It may be an ongoing struggle with physical or mental health.  Daily life is filled with frustrations and individual struggles.

Yet, we keep a faint flicker of hope that things will improve.  We pray for strength and find comfort in stories that reignite our faith in humanity.  For most of us, we want to be inspired.  We seek reminders that whether good, or bad, this too shall pass.

youre so hard on yourself_be proud

If you can find that spark of hope, a tiny sliver of optimism, in the midst of your trials and personal doubts, then you have a reason to keep going.  When you feel strong enough, share it with someone else.  There is a gratitude in giving and receiving empathy and kindness.  It is this reminder of our strength and perseverance that continues to give us hope when it seems hard to find.


hope_desmond tutu



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  1. The Anatomy of Hope is a wonderful book written by Jerome Groopman- worth a read. It talks about hope in the face of illness

  2. Always I keep HOPE dear one.. ❤

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