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expert_wise man

When you meet another idealist, and hear that although he would be considered an “expert” by many, he believes that he is wise because he knows what he doesn’t know (his words), my respect rises.

He also believes that the responsibility of leadership is teaching, mentoring, sharing information, and improving an individual to the point where she can grow, learn, and move on if that is the next step in her personal and professional development.


While I may have strength in some areas, it is my goal and desire to continue to learn ~ always.  Why would I want to stagnate and have to hide the breadth of possibility?  Mentoring shouldn’t end at a certain age.  If we want our children to have the best opportunity for a well-rounded education, inspiration, and encouragement, do any of us ever outgrow that need?

To those who are not afraid to share their knowledge, thank you.  To those who are experts, please share your knowledge. It will not make any less of you, but will carry forward.  If you want to make an impact as a leader, and person, bring your idealism and intelligence into the world.  Create opportunities for life-long learning, self-esteem and personal growth.  It makes for happy employees, positive interaction, and broad thinking.

I would like to believe that knowledge isn’t knowledge until you give it away.



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