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At the end of the day, we want peace.  For ourselves, for our world, and for our loved ones; the search for peace and contentment does seem elusive.  The violence of our world has shattered our existence and global change needs to shift more positively.

Some of us worry about our finances, relationships with loved ones, jobs and careers, raising our children, developing our passions and inspirations, and building a life of meaning.  Each of these can lead us to peace of mind and spirit.  Living without constant conflict, fear or doubt, would be a means to peace.

Kindness and compassion to others is one means of bringing moments of peace.  At times when my mind has far too many tabs open, I seek music to soothe me, as well as words.  A year of plans and decisions has passed to make room for new ones in the coming year. Have I chosen well? Did I make others happy? Did I make someone else feel better when I had the chance?  Do my loved ones know that I may not have liked every interaction, but am so grateful for them in my life?

These are steps along my personal path for peace.  Until our world catches up, I will do my part to create it in my life.

I wish you moments of comfort and calm in your search for peace.




  1. This is a beautiful posting, worthy of reblogging to the world. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Nomadic Adventurer and commented:
    Peace and good will to all.

  3. ”Calmness or peace is state of the mind caused by the calmness of the heart.
    And calmness of the heart is caused by the state of the mind that has no voice to scream.”
    The thought about empathy above takes me in one another dimension of thinking about peace.Are we all time unconsciously empathize?!
    Love the post❤

    • Wonderful!!thought provoking quote. I love it!

      • I say” thaks” so offten ,but didn’t find anything wrong in saying ”thanks”,so thanks and hope will provoke more thoughts.❤

    • multitudeofmythoughts
    • Posted December 26, 2016 at 11:38 am
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    The article shows the perfect way of introspection!

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