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Sometimes, we need some inspiration and an unexpected act of kindness brought me the sunlight that I was missing on a gloomy day.

I left my office for a quick walk around the building. I brought my phone with me, trying to keep my eyes open, like Lisa at seeking a view with a new perspective for me. While some daffodil shoots have sprung up in the February climate confusion, I still couldn’t find the boost that I needed.

When I came back into the office building, a florist was replacing the plants in the front lobby and adding new blooms. I stopped to look and said “Hello. I need some inspiration on a gloomy day.” This kind and patient man said to me “The sunshine needs to be in your heart.” Then he lifted a plant of pink blossoms out of his box and asked if I wanted it.

I hesitated, as my eyes tried to soak up all the budding Springtime in that plastic container. Then, being as courteous as I was raised, I replied “Thank you, but you can’t do that.”

‘I just did’ he said. He put plastic around the plant that was wet and muddy from watering and handed it to me for safekeeping.

How can kindness fail to touch the heart? I was in need of an attitude attunement, and after earlier frustration with someone else’s apathy, it was so nice to see and receive the light of a stranger’s caring.

Hopefully, both the plant and I will continue to grow well over time with strong roots.



Thank you for stopping by!  I hope that you enjoy your visit.



  1. Oh that is a beautiful act of kindness, Straight from his heart to yours..
    And a beautiful plant too..
    If only more of us would pass a kindness along, how different the world would be..

    Love and Hugs xxx

  2. What a lovely and uplifting post! Thanks, for sharing. ❤

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