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balloons afloat


Being sensitive to our environment, and to other people, empathetic and empathic people feel the energy of the people around them.  There are those who speak to us and we can sense the black cloud that comes with them.  Others may speak, but detachment, or lack of authenticity, reaches us first.

When we spend time with genuine and sincere people, our spirits rise ~ it is a weight lifted off of us and joy and gratitude raise us up like floating balloons carrying us forward.

It is in such striking contrast to many of our daily interactions, that it cannot help but to be felt.  Acknowledging that for me this week brought such a feeling of gratitude.  It made me realize that it is a rare and wonderful gift to be aware of the best from those around me and how welcoming their friendship and kindness can truly be.

friendship and kindness



Thank you for stopping by!  I hope that you enjoy your visit and find your moment of joy.


This photo was taken by me when we released balloons in memory of my mother, for Mother’s Day, two weeks after she died.



  1. I so agree- I love the quote it rang true. It reminded me of young girls who try to be part of some group that has no interest in having them- it causes such pain to the person. Surrounding ourselves with those who understand us and appreciate and bring positivity with them is so important- but I think learned as we grow older

    • Amen! When I experienced the “lightness of being” I realized how at odds it is with much that is around me. It was such an epiphany to feel the difference.

  2. Your words ring so true.. Being empathetic has its ups as well as it downs.. Learning to discern these energies we are tuned into goes into helping our coping mechanisms..
    I have found more joy in being sensitive, as it gives us the insight to link into those vibrations others are giving out and respond in kind..
    Know our own empathetic responses are helping others. Is also helping ourselves..
    We find ourselves now attuning into like for like vibrations.. Learning to detach from negative energies which are no longer serving our purpose.
    We can only guide others to the roads we have traveled, it is up to others to tread their own path.
    Thank you for sharing your love and Light
    Sue ❤

  3. thank you!! It is wonderful to hear from kindred and positive spirits. ❤

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