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Why do people rush to condemn, but pause rather than speak up?

Why do people run with gossip, but remain silent, when a compliment could be given?

Why do some people pause when they have a chance to help and defend?

A pause to judgment is fine if you use the break to reflect and consider all sides.  A pause in speaking that allows you to listen, and empathize with another, is a gift.  Pausing to satisfy your own needs, while sharing with someone else, feeds the body and soul of another.

I have consciously worked to pause my speaking, told myself to hold back, rather than to respond in anger in the moment.  Yet, that pause was perceived as validation to someone else’s lie.

How do we stay strong in a moment of quiet against a bully whose bluster seeks to blow us down?  How do we create a space to begin or maintain healing when we pause in fear and doubt?

A pause is an opportunity to reflect and reconsider.  But, how do we make it meaningful?

What can I accomplish as I pause in my day?  How can I improve myself when I remove the distractions and detractors?

There can be joy and gratitude in pausing to reflect and look around us.  We pause to remember.  But, how do I strengthen myself in my pauses to fill those empty spaces?

pause to write


These are some of the questions that give me pause…  how deeply I struggle for understanding and peace.



Thank you for stopping by.   How do you use your pauses to refresh?


  1. This gave me pause….. in a good way….I too have tried to pause before reacting with anger to something, and pause before making an attempt to defend someone I feel has been spoken of in an unfair or unjust way. My pause does turn to silence if someone says something I totally disagree with but do not care to share my feelings about. Very thought provoking take on the prompt

    • Thank you Lisa. I struggle with some of this, as you read. I try to stay from disturbing someone or seeming less than positive, but there has to be beauty in both positive and negative space (as a photographer, I know you understand) 🙂
      You make me feel better when I feel afraid to address a topic.

      • I think one of the beautiful things about blogging is not having to be afraid to address a topic- the “community” is non judgmental and positive. I do know what you mean about being hesitant sometimes, but my experience has always led me to find I am not alone in areas where I thought I might have been, that many struggle with or feel the same about things as I do.

    • In certain circumstances, I don’t want to respond if it will prolong a fight, or I know that the other person has stopped listening or doesn’t believe me.

  2. Thoughtful set of questions. Nice post.

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