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At this time of the year, our desire to beautify is atmospheric and much of what we seek to create is the “perfect” holiday environment. We reach out for comforting traditions with food, clothing, music, and decor.

I have everything that I want and nothing that I need.jpg

It sounds profound, yet came from something so simple that my husband said.

Circumstances, and the daily efforts that add up to our lives, can bring forth unique discoveries. Words uttered innocently become a message that ricochets around the brain in its startling clarity.

With so many choices each moment, how do we narrow down the most meaningful?  What kind of satisfaction are we seeking?  Inspiration comes in many forms.

have nothing in your house_william morris

There are no rules for what makes one person happy or brings joyful delight to another. Cleaning house, as it were, in any form can be revitalizing if it is what you genuinely want to do. However, it can also bring fear and anxiety as one tries to make sense of the situation that he finds himself in.

I am not one of the elite trying to clear all of the clutter out of my house. I certainly have not succeeded in doing so among my many thoughts. But, in whatever way you choose to create and embrace your surroundings, enhance your environment in the way that makes sense for you in its most individual form.  Indeed, enlightenment may be found in truly wanting what you choose.

However, finding what you need among all of it, with joy, beauty, and gratitude, makes it all the more satisfying.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you enjoy your visit.


  1. I am cleaning out all the many things that are taking up space but serve no purpose. It is cathartic and somehow clears my mind too knowing there is order now to things, and the useless are gone! have a good week

    • I wish I could tell you that I have done all of that. There should be, could be, and will have to be, but I am impressed by your hard work.

      • My mother used to say she spent the first half of her life collecting things, and the 2nd half getting rid of… now I know what she meant!

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