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solitude_carl jung

Our world does not acknowledge the beauty of solitude. We have many in silence, out of fear or shame, or those who have given up the joy of conversation for technology. But, in a world full of noise, literal and figurative, there is great healing in those quieter pastimes such as reading, meditating, art, or observing nature.

solitude and bliss_william wordsworth

Our nervous systems were not created to be caught up in constant noise or upheaval. I find as I get older, that I require and look forward to such solitude. There is much to give to others, but recognizing and realizing the self-care we deserve, is a gift that no one can give us but ourselves.

solitude and thanksgiving_hugo

It is a gift in gratitude and magnitude that we can appreciate the peaceful silence.


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  1. I find healing in solitude as well! Thanks for sharing!

  2. such true and beautiful words are music to my ears, couldn’t agree more, thank you!

    • It is so nice to hear from someone who understands so well. My pleasure 🙂

  3. Solitude is where I hear my heart & mind clearly!

  4. I have no problem with spending time alone… people often find it odd, but I am happy for the peace and quiet, and never mind my own company.

  5. Much needed in this world. Thank you for posting. When my daughter was little I was advised to “seek help” for her as she loved to play alone with things…(no computers in those days.) But we are the same – loving solitude – so I knew there was nothing wrong with her. It is a gift. But, parents need to help their children to find and to love being alone too.

    • Your daughter is lucky to have had an empathetic parent who understood her need for solitude and could encourage it.

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