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Rosh HaNikra is located at the northern most tip of Israel, and the Lebanon border, where the land meets the vast Mediterranean Sea.

Time, rain, minerals in the earth and rock, sunlight and heat, and the steady flow of the Mediterranean Sea against rocks and cliffs have turned this natural environment into a place of beauty and peace. Over 3,500 years of nature’s literally “going with the flow” has produced exquisite grottoes.

It was 74 degrees F (appx 25 degrees C) in the middle of December.  As it was below zero back in North America, it was literally a day at the beach and a time to linger and ponder the wonder of creation.  IMG_0642


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  1. I was there in 1983- such a wonderful place…such blue blue waters. And blue skies above

  2. Beautiful – and lucky you! Good choice for the week.

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