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If you want to see a bewildered face, give a compliment. I have found that so few kind things are said or shared, with complete sincerity and with no benefit whatsoever, that it confuses people.

It may sound silly, but I have seen it happen so many times. My mother always taught me that it costs nothing to compliment a person, but it can mean so much to someone.

There is no undercurrent of attraction or any other inferred relationship, merely telling someone how nice they look makes them stand taller and boosts the endorphins in a stressful day.

There must be something positive in each person (I keep hoping, and over-trying to find it to be sure in some cases)and with an empathetic eye and a confident spirit, we can share the kindness we would want for ourselves.



Thank you for stopping by.  It means more than you know.






  1. So true – it works both ways, every time.

  2. I always find it disturbing when people find they cannot give someone else a compliment- their egos in the way, thinking that it lessens them or their “power” by saying something nice about someone else. I usually try to distance myself from this type of person. The power of a compliment is great, as you said, and goes a long way.

    • We don’t always get to remove ourselves from toxic situations but I know what you mean… it is just not healthy for us to be in those environments.

  3. Yes! There is nothing so healing as a compliment or gentle kind word. Just yesterday in my Pilates class at the gym, I told an older woman who was probably in her 70s, that she was beautiful. And she really was. She looked at me with such a “ bewildered” expression, touched her face and said, “Me?”. I smiled and said “absolutely you”. It was a simple and pure exchange. It left me feeling lighter and I know it left her feeling seen.

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