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Thanks for stopping by! Having one of those days……?


linus cartoon_humanityPeople put so much stress on themselves all year long, but between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the internal perfectionist kvetches very loudly. “Everything has to be just perfect” is a tough taskmaster; parties, menus, gifts, clothes, music — so many choices, and the pressure to recreate mystical unicorns of holidays past, can add to already mounting anxiety. With long term unemployment, fear in the economy and crushing debt, not to mention dysfunctional families and jobs, there is more than enough stress to go around. Here are some ideas to help you navigate through some of it now and the whole year through. Wishing You All the Best!!

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Do not reason with a barking dog; just keep going.

Cookies and naptime are still a good idea.

Knowing someone is waiting at home for you is a good reason to be brave. And prompt.

Some people will put tacks on your chair just because they can. In grown up terms, that means, that some people are still a pain in the ass to deal with.

Just because someone scribbles all over the notebook you left in your desk doesn’t mean that what you wrote is not important or special.

It may be hard to start talking, especially when someone is making faces at you, but speak up and be heard.

People cry for all kinds of reasons.

Music and reading are still two of my favorite ways to unwind.

It will speed up the beating of your heart, make your head pound, and make it hard to breathe.

But so will love.

Thank you for stopping by. It means more than you know.

linus cartoon_humanity

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