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mom and babe in pearls bw

There are people in this world who think that it is their job to irritate you. In fact, they believe it so deeply, it inhibits their ability to do their real jobs with compassion, conviction and commitment.

These are usually the people who demand your respect, but have done nothing to earn it.

They are enthusiastically apathetic, passively aggressive, dynamically lazy, and arrogantly proud. In a nutshell, they believe their own press and seek approval for their oxy-moronic behavior.

There are big people with little minds who will bash your ideas and demoralize your idealism.

There are little people with big mouths who will push you to your limits – and anything else within reach.

You will fight for your right to an opinion; others will fight as if it is their right.

I have great expectations that people are supposed to be kind, empathetic, caring, and thoughtful. I had no idea how great those ideals would be to me, and how insignificant they would be to some others, met along the way.

I have tried to build so many bridges that I ought to be able to walk to China.

My efforts to be considerate of others’ tentative behaviors have been met with more fear, and distrust, than I realized they had. They were begrudging and resentful. Or bottomless…

If G-d intended me to be surrounded by so many major irritants, then it is my great expectation that I should have received a giant strand of lustrous, creamy, and perfect pearls by now!!!

Thank you for stopping by! If you have anything to add to this list, or like it, please let me know. It means more than you think.


birthday eyechart_card


Lord, Thou knowest that I am growing older.

Keep me from becoming talkative and possessed with the idea that I must express myself on every subject.

Release me from the craving to straighten out everyone’s affairs.

Keep me from the recital of endless detail. Give me wings to get to the point.

Seal my lips when I am inclined to tell of my aches and pains; they are increasing with the years and my love to speak of them grows sweeter as time goes by.

Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I may be wrong.

Make me thoughtful but not nosy; helpful but not bossy.

With my vast store of wisdom and experiences it does seem a pity not to use it all. But Thou knowest, Lord, that I want a few friends at the end.

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mirror mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….
I am the dichotomy of Snow White and the Queen. My mother was the original “Snow White” dubbed by her friends for her striking blue black hair and porcelain Dutch skin. The lessons learned from her and the family she created weave through my writing. She combined beauty with brains and I hope that people look beyond my façade and see the intelligence and empathy within.

The combination of light and dark, good and not so good, are part of the Snow White story. Evil is an extreme judgment call when no one gets to know what really goes on inside of a Queen’s head. Besides, getting old is a b*tch. There is always some sweet young thing who has never needed eye cream in her life and thinks that Weight Watchers are the people waiting on the street for the new iPhone release. Beauty vs. Brains ~ G-d gives and G-d takes away. Just saying.

Age brings planning, life experience, strength, fortitude and knowledge of the unsavory aspects of our world. It also means that we don’t necessarily handle nonsense well. The Queen resides in me as well.

But, I digress. Unable to tan without burning, I don’t even try anymore. I just say that I am “embracing my inner Snow White.” Red lips have always suited me and red nails to match are gorgeous! Also, the dress with the wide, wide, wide bottom to cover the hips is a fabulous idea.

Waiting for my prince to come has been replaced with waiting for my paycheck. There are far younger, more beautiful members in my family who have inherited my mother’s striking Snow White coloring. We celebrate these princesses as well. My mother’s wonder at nature and desire to share her love of the world with us brought us many outdoor day trips as children. As corny as it sounds, she loved to look out at her garden to see the gift of nature and she truly enjoyed listening to the chirping of the birds, even to the end of her days.

Snow-White-teary with animals

Dad did not join in; besides too much work, there was no air conditioning. Being a Queen (or King) means making the hard choices.

There is deep empathy that wells within me and sensitivity to the sights, sounds, and energies of my surrounding. A genuine smile and desire to help is well-ingrained from childhood. Also, we are protective of those whom we love and the power of family. We respect our histories and responsibilities. The tears and sadness of goodbye and others’ struggles is part of who I am as well. My writing may be wry at times, but is always aware of the kindnesses needed to care for this world and those relegated to the outside and struggling to see through the forest for the trees. I fight for what I believe in.


My heart is on my sleeve and I express what I feel or think. Sometimes cruelty will silence me, as it is meant to do, and I want to avenge the wrongs done to others. My writing is personal, direct and opinionated. Add black hair, white skin and lipstick and we are looking into that Mirror.

Age and circumstance have also made me the Queen. Older, wiser and perceptive, the Queen can direct behind the scenes. Understanding the secrets within and others’ motivation, she rules her kingdom cautiously and fiercely protects her own territory. This is a necessary evil in our day to day interactions.

With stress, anxiety, family, and financial issues, I would also kill to get a deep solid sleep!
snow white sleeping colored orbs

The Queen may not always be in the spotlight, but when she is, I adore her eye makeup! She looks like a MAC cosmetics makeover ready for the runway. Dramatic eyes always work, especially with those juicy red lips.

evil queen illustration

Lastly, I may be sweet but I don’t want any little ol’ men patronizing me. Apple, anyone?

thanks for stopping by! It means more than you know.

age i would have my shit together

I got into an elevator at work yesterday. The other occupant was a sweaty man who had just come back from a sturdy workout in the corporate gym. He barely touched the button for his floor and the alarm rang. I said that it was sensitive. He said “I am too. I am a sensitive guy. Like a sensitive guy of the 90’s not a guy of the 2000’s.” No, I cannot make up this stuff.

See, a rationalization. But a classy way to prove the value of being older and more mature.

I am not as lithe and thin as I once was. Incredibly I had so much energy and would walk a mile each way to buy a pound of gourmet jelly beans in my teen years. Not only could I not do that now, I would also have to worry about diabetes.

Choosing and making excuses that sugar is so important to me for self-wellness (and feeding my inner child?) and just relaxes me while I read and rest, I attempt to rationalize the value and virtue of eating candy.

I need the right cosmetics to cover the hyperpigmentation and redness on my face. Those years of baby oil and sunbathing are far behind me. Only quality products will contain the necessary SPF and finish that brightens without mattifying. So many things to consider. So, am I merely taking care of my skin as a mature 50 year old should or did I become a Sephora Insider because I adore colored eyeliners, lots of nail polish and keep hunting for the perfect lipstick? Makeup is fun and one size actually does fit all.

Rationalization is the art of making choices for valued and considered reasons regardless of the truth of the debate. I am good with that.

I got help with one of my best rationalizations from my father. I have fulfilled this and passed it on down to my children. If you find something that you like, and it fits well, buy it in as many colors as able or at least two or three of the same item since you will not find it again.

We share these delights with our families, so really we are creating memories —and there is no replacement for that, right?!?

See how easy this game is. Yes, you too can do this and no membership fee is required. Of course a colonoscopy may be necessary.


Thanks for stopping by! It means more than you know.

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