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Believe in the power of Faith for it is the only thing that has allowed change to occur.

Where faith is denied, Love cannot grow.

Faith can be in a Heavenly Power. But, it can also be faith that is restored in humanity, optimism, or a renewed sense of self.

Faith can be the leap into the unknown because change is easier than staying in the situation that you are in.  Faith can be the incredible effort that you make in entering the world each day to overcome pain and fear.

Faith is the quiet voice within you that says things have to get better; there must be another way. Faith is the knowledge that life has more to offer than the precarious place where you reside. Faith is the belief that healing is possible in all areas of your life.  Faith is the scary step that you take when your heart can take no more.

Faith is what boosts your soul and self-esteem.  It is the effort that you make to improve your personal strength and express that which holds you back.  Faith is the belief that the truth will prevail; it is a source of energy deep within to encourage and help others. It is a belief that when one door closes, another will open.

Faith is a belief in one’s self that you deserve and are capable of finding appreciation and validation.

Each breath is a confirmation of faith that it will be followed by another.  The sun will rise and the darkness will end. This is to have Faith.

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nature always wears the colors of the spirit


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