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Thank you for stopping by! I hope that you enjoy your visit.


writing is the painting of the voice


Realigning 26 letters over and over to cause the heart to beat faster, the head to nod in agreement, and the spirit to rise in joy of understanding, is a deep-driven desire that demands that we push ourselves past the point of fear into the abject torture of waiting for acknowledgement.

I am not one to beg for attention, I believe in myself enough to be confident in who I am and strive for more… achievement, success, confidence, empathy.  Yet, as solitary as my writing is, I want to inspire others to reach beyond their own confines of spirit.

We live in an age where clicks are the barometer of engagement.  Disturbing, conflicting, funny, topical, or inflammatory writing will get a reader’s hackles up.  But the attention span today has been measured at an average of seven seconds!

If you are still here, thank you for reading my posts or choosing to follow me, commenting to let me know your perspective – – whether consent or dissent – – and sharing with others those thoughts that make you feel enlightened or introspective.  I am so grateful and appreciative that you have chosen to hear what I have to say and it means more to me than you could know.




balloons afloat


Being sensitive to our environment, and to other people, empathetic and empathic people feel the energy of the people around them.  There are those who speak to us and we can sense the black cloud that comes with them.  Others may speak, but detachment, or lack of authenticity, reaches us first.

When we spend time with genuine and sincere people, our spirits rise ~ it is a weight lifted off of us and joy and gratitude raise us up like floating balloons carrying us forward.

It is in such striking contrast to many of our daily interactions, that it cannot help but to be felt.  Acknowledging that for me this week brought such a feeling of gratitude.  It made me realize that it is a rare and wonderful gift to be aware of the best from those around me and how welcoming their friendship and kindness can truly be.

friendship and kindness



Thank you for stopping by!  I hope that you enjoy your visit and find your moment of joy.


This photo was taken by me when we released balloons in memory of my mother, for Mother’s Day, two weeks after she died.




Clarity begins with knowing and accepting who you are.

For instance, any clothing item described as “rubberized lace” (yes, that actually exists), makes me wince, in private, and is a definite NO on my fashion list.

Videos of people falling down, getting hurt, locked in porta-potties, crashing, jumping through rings of fire – all get a big fat NO on my entertainment list.

Never had shellfish and am good with that.  Truly, the idea of cracking the legs off of my dinner, and sucking out the bottom feeder belly, does the opposite of enhance my appetite.  I have enough trouble manipulating a raw chicken.

I have never been a “misery loves company” type of person.  When people interrupt me to tell me their stories along those lines, I don’t understand.  I would never want that to happen to me, so why would I want that to happen to you?  Yes, I learned the hard way.  But if you did too, then why are you sharing the misery in your behavior towards me?  Let’s seek comfort and empathy, rather than a competitive “can you top this?”  Talk to me about survival and re-invention.

Self-knowledge is a good thing.  Once we understand what we can accept, improve, change, tolerate, or avoid, perhaps we can share that kind of wisdom and understanding with others.  Realizing what our experiences have taught us helps to create empathy.  We have struggled with the aftermath of grief in its many forms.

For sensitive people, it takes courage to find the funny in the mundane.  We are more easily attuned to the serious because we are so cautious about people getting hurt.  Sometimes, a look at the whimsical and a healthy laugh are healing.

Of course, if they jump through rings of fire while wearing rubberized lace, they are on their own.




Thank you for stopping by!  I hope that you enjoy your visit.


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