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I operate from a standpoint that people are basically good and, believing that, I try to be careful with someone else’s feelings and vulnerabilities.

Yet, lately, I have been handed my trust back like a crumpled up paper bag.  I keep trying to straighten it, and myself, up right again, but it just isn’t the same.  Recently, it has happened more than once.  In fact, despite explaining openly about how painful I found it when another broke it, it happened again.

Being real has never meant that I climbed on someone else’s back, money, knowledge, experience or any other something that belonged to them, to get myself ahead.  Taking advantage of people is the opposite of how I was raised.

To me, there is no time clock; a human being who is compassionate, honest, trustworthy and genuine behaves that way 24 hours a day.   I don’t have different rules for different places and different sides of my mouth.

First, be a human being.

What is so sad is discovering just how rare that has become for many others.  I am disappointed for myself (ok, disgusted really) and heartbroken that cynicism and opportunism is celebrated more than loyalty and integrity.  Inspirational words, followed up with honest and legitimate behavior, is what will restore my faith again, one person at a time.

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What has restored your faith in humanity?




Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.—Hardy D. Jackson


While describing what I try to achieve with each person that I meet in the course of my philanthropic work, I acknowledge that I am merely a conduit – a messenger for the one who is giving as well as for the one who is receiving. Sometimes, the best that I can do for someone is to send them back out into the world having been heard and, hopefully, strengthened with an act of empathy.

My empathy is because I recognize the pain. It mirrors my own life experiences of struggle, fear, betrayal, anxiety, sadness, grief and loss.  There is a desperate need to take action on both of our parts.  That effort of someone taking an active step to seek help, a desire to do something, that is brave and humbling.

In my opinion, passion is not merely an emotional free-fall.  It is a commitment and conviction to make a difference in whatever environment you are in.  I believe that passion can be doing the very best that you can do, despite limiting conditions, and trying to help someone else through the worst that life has thrown them.  It is a conscious effort to make a difference and try to heal the world one person at a time.

When it comes to expressing how I feel, I have strong and intense opinions.  Life has taught me, sometimes harshly, what I need in order to understand someone else’s pain. Those lessons have prepared me to determinedly choose to take action because it is right, not easy.  Creating positive change is a passion and I advocate for empathy every time.


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I believe that we want to be inspired and desire a restoration of our faith in humanity.  We have plenty of back stabbing and manipulative behavior around us.  But, when we think of the important things to know for our day, we don’t want it to be fear and violence.  We wish to be reminded that there are good and kind people who make an effort to be compassionate and kind.

It is those actions that define us.  Believing and talking is not enough; action must take place to support and reinforce the truest sense of kindness and empathy.

Yesterday, as I was on my daily commute, I saw a man walking up and down the median with a cardboard sign asking for help.  These individuals are on almost every corner.  A woman stopped her car, and got out, opening her trunk.  Inside were bags of groceries she had obviously just bought.  She removed two oranges and an apple and gave them to the man on the street in the hot sun.  While he needed money, he was obviously touched by the rare human contact and the gift of compassionate behavior.  For me, it was a reminder of the many ways to be kind and the powerful impact in the seemingly simple.

Genuine empathy is elusive because kindness is not just one thing or a purely defined word.  It takes place in many ways, yet not everyone sees it, and sadly, so many disregard it.  It is not merely an act of sensitive awareness.  Compassion can turn the tide in conflicted situations and is a lifeline for those suffering with invisible illness.

There are those who will try to tear us down and belittle our efforts.  Yet, I would like to believe that if I keep acting for the common good and the personal connections, I bring kindness to a world that sorely needs it.  I behave this way because it is the right thing to do.  It is a credit to the principles that my parents raised me with and my behavior is a reflection of such.  If we believe, then we must act.  If we have faith that our actions make a difference, even if no one sees, then we need to seek out opportunities for empathy and continue to offer it.

The two most powerful words when we’re in struggle: me too.”      Brene Brown



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