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There is nothing harder than being where you are not wanted or appreciated.  Each person needs validation and appreciation to remain loyal, whether at work or at home.   Loyalty, like trust, needs to be supported and encouraged.

We want to be inspired and motivated to find hidden creativity and initiative.   Respect and loyalty are returned.  A loyal person will do more than what is asked for all the right reasons.

It takes a lot for an empathetic person to give up hope.  Our innate choice is to seek the ideal and keep going.  We tend to be resilient and push ourselves each day to put on our best faces.  We are self-directed and do what must be done.

But, how sad and wasteful to push a caring heart so far away!  Remain kind because that is who you are and how you want to behave.  Some people will never value it, but others will never forget it.


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ray of light dungeon door

The gratitude of seeing the miraculous, a glimmer of light, in the darkness that has paralyzed mind and soul…..

Holding my breath before it turns away

A silent fervent prayer that the healing continues for the heart and spirit

and that the medication continues to work.


Loving yourself, or someone else, with depression breaks your heart.  Keep going.  Sending you prayers for healing, strength, and glimmers of light in the darkness.


pamper_daily post

Need I say more?


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When you are a sensitive person, you become a caretaker.  You carry someone else’s burdens as your own.  When a loved one suffers and struggles, you accept the challenge to care for their physical needs.  It can be lonely and thankless.

A caretaker deserves more than appreciation.  A caretaker deserves support; it is a task few will take on and yet, each of us needs a helping hand.  My sister’s strength in taking care of our loved ones made her a warrior, but exhausted.  She made someone else’s love and well-being more important than her own.

Try to care for someone else, or lighten the burden of another, just a little.  Give care to those who do it for others.

It is a gift that can never be repaid and a model of behavior that few will ever undertake.

It is extraordinary.


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