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If my sensitivity and struggles help me to be more gentle and compassionate with another, there will have been strength from the pain.



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tenacity_amelia earhart


If there is a task to be done, it seems that the same personalities offer their help again and again.  It is the survivors that do what must be done.  They have lived through it, and in their empathy, move forward knowing that they have done it and can keep going.

I spent the weekend with my siblings.  One took charge when a stranger wandered into the middle of a child’s group, guiding away the individual to neutral ground.  Another stepped in to the middle of a crisis, doing the most unpleasant of tasks, because it had to be done despite the pain.

Is it inner strength or confidence? Perhaps, it is the remnant of how we were raised.  We operate with conviction in the midst of a crisis.  Resolving an issue is first and foremost, then can be debated later.  When challenged with life issues, we have witnessed, and risen up, to do that which must be done for someone else’s physical well-being, and dealt with our own emotions later.  We were raised with a sense of urgency and responsibility that I miss seeing around me; I find it to be inspiring.

There are plenty who like to take credit, but few that will roll up their sleeves.  That is the difference that separates leaders from managers and individuals from the collective.

To me, being tenacious in the face of challenges, is what gets the job done.  Whether personally or professionally, taking the first step is what moves it along.  There will be many doubts, and doubters, that will deconstruct after the fact, but it is an act of strength to care enough to make a difference.



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Daily Prompt: You’ve been given the ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect your home with the location of your choice — anywhere on Earth. Where’s the other end of your tunnel?


I read today’s Daily Post and had an existential reaction to it. Many days, I bypass the writing prompts and try to write something thoughtful when it arises. Also, I feel that I am so lucky to have people who read my blog, I don’t want to overburden them with too many posts.

However, this idea struck me differently. Firstly, if I had a magic tunnel, I would never have to take another anxiety-ridden airline flight, quaking with panic attacks, and squeezing someone’s hand as if it were my last link to existence. That alone would be a huge relief for my family and me!

It would be wonderful to come out on the other side of the world and see the great historical sites that I have never had the privilege to reflect upon. The air would no doubt smell of pomegranates and green earth coming to life. The pungent spices would be inhaled as a rare blended incense of myrrh, cinnamon and frankincense. Stones containing thousands of years of faith, prayer, blood, and tears would be at my fingertips.

In my less ordinary life, I go to work, home, sleep, and begin again. Some days I feel too tired for an around the world adventure. I am not the only one. For those struggling with challenges and battles in this life, knowing that there is another route we can take would be comforting. Escaping the toxic relationships, bad marriages or jobs, the financial burdens, the monumental effort of pushing through each day, and hoping to come out on the other side, would not seem so insurmountable.

For at the end of every doubt and fear is the curiosity. Is there really a way out? Not only are we fumbling in the dark trying to do our best, but we wonder where we will end up. What will be if we are not well enough to care for ourselves? Will we have a place to go? In the future, if I am not here, will there be somewhere else I can be safe, protected, and comforted?

That is when the secret tunnel truly brings its magical and meaningful connection to my life.

For if I have a tunnel in my life, then there is, unalterably, a light at the end of it.

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“The dishwasher needs to be emptied and could you sort your laundry?”
‘What do you do when I am not here?’
‘Can you buy this?’
‘Do you need change?’
‘You over analyze everything!’

Adolescent angst and righteous indignation from a son to his clueless mother.

Thank G-d for my grandchildren!

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