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Rise & Shine with a Smile even if it is caffeine-induced.
Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you enjoy your visit.

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Need I say more?


Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you enjoy your visit.


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There is nothing so delightful, or can compete, with that first sip of a beautifully prepared coffee.  We write sonnets to love, swoon at Pinterest-worthy decor, but Coffee……..ahhhhhhhhhh.

Whether served with beignets, or a view of a beautiful landscape, that first thought causes us to pause. It is a work of art and we have created landmarks dedicated to the gift of the bean.  We stop where we are standing, or prepare a soothing environment before we take that first drink.  The pause that refreshes is that moment we savor the depth, boldness, and creamy infusion of caffeine and milky goodness.  For purists, it is a paragon of taste to be debated.

Each coffee break is a moment to recall that we are in charge of our destiny – at least for the time it takes to finish that first cup.


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Thanks for stopping by! Mondays can be serious business. Please share this with others who could use a good laugh to start their day.  I hope that you enjoy your visit.


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