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You may not complete everything that you have started and may certainly not end up where you had hoped.  But, each step, no matter how small, means that you can stand up and be counted.  You continue to rise ~ whether in strength and confidence or fear and doubt ~ you make an effort to put one foot forward.  Just that one act is a catalyst.   It may feel like stubborn fear, but to someone else, you are showing your resilience.  As you continue to use each day to begin again, you give yourself permission to feel or grieve, yet don’t let it keep you from moving forward one way or another.  If you are going, just keep going.


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There are passions and interests that drive us to push forward, but our loss of privacy and increase of others’ judgment certainly causes doubt.

When writing online, there are those who will not speak to you, but believe that they “know” you from those things that you put out into the cybersphere.  Our beliefs and ideals can be present, but there is still fear from the anxieties of the past.  Those experiences affect the decisions we make in the future because we don’t want to go through the painful processes again.  Have enough bad experiences, and a strong memory, and the anxiety ramps up.

Be not the slave of your own past

It causes sensitive people to hold back or not dare to express at all.  Bullying in any form makes someone hide.  Yet, by the obvious existence of millions and millions of voices trying to be heard, the small self says “I am.  I do exist.”   If you have found your community and been privileged to develop strong relationships with kind and encouraging people, you have found a treasure.  Criticism and judgment tear people down and drain the spirit.

Knowing who you are and your priorities, including character and integrity, exist whether anyone understands it or not.   Isn’t it funny how many people don’t speak to another yet they fear what is being said online?  I guess that is another inkling of doubt as well.  We each have them, but reaching beyond hostile environments to seek out kinder climes is a basic need and critical to healthy mental and physical being.  It is scary to be vulnerable, but we find out quickly who does, and does not, deserve our time and attention.

dont ruin a good day


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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Advantage of Foresight.”

sometimes never know the value of a minute

In Nature’s eternal calm, man finds himself. The health of the eye seems to demand a horizon. We are never tired, so long as we can see far enough.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is no doubt to me that each minute, hour, day, or years wasted on people who do not deserve it takes a toll on our lives.  We make more excuses for other peoples’ bad behavior than fighting for all that we truly do deserve and developing our self-respect.

Foresight would have let me know that I could survive during the times I thought that I never would. It would have let me know that I would not fail, or fall off the face of the Earth, no matter what I attempted.  What a gift knowing that I did not miss out on a grand adventure!

For those that have no regrets, you are blessed that you have been able to accept and let it go. Or, perhaps, for those that have none, you are doubly blessed, and have not been tested in that way.

Our faith tells us that everything happens for a reason and every dash is part of the lifeline. Yet, still, we wonder about the path not taken and how one powerful choice might have changed the width and breadth of our lives.

Giving over the majority of our time to the duty and honor of others, we live in a fog of days. Suddenly, we turn around and years have magically drifted away…..

Had we known how our decisions affected us, or others, would we have made a change? What did we miss in trying to find our horizon?

How many more peaceful days could have been gained by knowing that the light really would be at the end of the tunnel?

To me, I will always question my choices on the last day of my loved one’s life.  What a waste of a precious day that, in hindsight, could have brought peace in a last goodbye.

We live, we consider, we conjecture and we determine. We plan, and G-d laughs, as if we were making the choices.

But given a gift of foresight, I would rather lose one day, than lose one day over and over ~ in my memories.

irish blessing foresight


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