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books_washing machine

books by eudora welty

Reading is the one journey where you take one step and travel lifetimes. You can discover the world from the center of your bed and have all of the attention of characters focused solely on you.

It relaxes, it coaxes, it soothes, and it strengthens. Fear and doubt can be washed away in a few pages. Close the book, and you can feel your soul expand and your chest rise with an enlarged beating heart. There are so many books and authors, yet, reading is the one obsession that we do not tire of. Rather, it grows with our indulgences and seeks out even more.

An appreciation for reading and writing is what propels us to begin sharing our stories. The scope and reach is so large that even when our own world becomes too small, the universe awaits us, embraces us, and shelters us in the cocoon of words once more.
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angel rays

nature aura spirit

angel rays 2

angel rays 3

I am no expert, and if someone can explain these colors and placements over the photo I took yesterday, I would be very pleased.

This photo was taken outside, midday, with no filter, auto color or contrast, flash, or adjustment of any kind.  In fact, it was taken with an iPhone 5c.

If you zoom in on the rays, you can see the depth of colors.

So, for those of you who understand psychic energy, aura, spirit, angels and many other celestial things that show we are guided, protected, and never alone, I would love to hear your explanation.  I am asking for only positive and thoughtful responses, so please tread gently.

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book happiness

“Every book, every volume you see here,

has a soul.  The soul of the person who wrote it

and of those who read it and lived and dreamed

with it.  Every time a book changes hands, every

time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its

Spirit grows and strengthens.

 ~~ Carlos Ruiz Zafon

books jd salinger

rainbow over yellowstone

My diary is a mirror telling the story of a dreamer who, a long, long time ago went through life the way one reads a book.

Anais Nin

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