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The current issue of Forbes magazines, dated December 2, 2013, is currently on newsstands. It contains the extraordinary stories of the Forbes 400, the wealthiest, and greatest philanthropists, in the world, and what drives them. The richest men and women in the world are driven to succeed, but also to help others to succeed. It is their heart and nostalgic support for their hometown communities that allow locales to develop and create heroes out of neighbors. Their stories are inspirational.

The Forbes 400 Global Summit was held to combine talents and energies to deal with issues such as global poverty and become catalysts of change. Additionally, they sought to create best practices and gathered intelligence to keep philanthropy growing, thriving and self-expanding. Creating systemic and pattern changes can create more effective methods of collaboration and expansion.

Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka, expressed his belief that measurement of services was not enough. To create lasting and meaningful change, a habit of teaching empathic behavior will help to reframe the social network and understanding of the power of giving. To create lasting change will require teaching and training future generations the power of empathy. Drayton believes that cognitive empathy is a learned skill and should be taught in the classroom. “Cognitive empathy is necessary to play in the game. When you have a person that has this power, they can become a change-maker.” Drayton believes that this skill, along with technology, will create global change-makers that will be unstoppable.

The success of cohesive planning among similar charities around the world will enable philanthropic efforts to go further and grow farther using the head and the heart.
In this issue of Forbes, Credit Suisse included a 32 page outline and summary of the thoughts and conclusions at the global Philanthropic Summit. The full details can be found here:

Click to access Credit_Suisse_2013_REPORT.pdf

To all of you who read these posts and share the inspiration to do good, share empathy and kindness, I thank you! It means more than you know.

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