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It is so wonderful to meet a kindred spirit.  It is a gift; understanding is such a healing balm to the soul.

Empathy and Kindness create peaceful communication supported with positive feelings, generous energy, and the delightful yet rare occurrence:

You get it.  You understand me. 

We can begin speaking of idealism and hope.  There is no struggle to be heard nor need to explain.  Thoughts and feelings are no longer superficial.

It is a homecoming of like-minded spirits in an otherwise busy world without connection.  The soothing acceptance creates calm and peace in the heart.

There is no way to plan on meeting such a person as our busy days proceed. But, when we do, it is an overwhelming power.

What a joyous gift for which I am so grateful and appreciative!


“Combinations of people, who should have nothing to say to each other. Yet, with hearts that do not recognize it.”
Tracy Rees



Thank you for stopping by.  I hope that you enjoy your visit!



Crushing someone’s dreams, enthusiasm, trust and loyalty is a short term solution to a long term benefit.  It is invaluable and once lost, cannot be regained. Why would you want to lose a human dividend?

If someone is in such a need to control what someone else says or does, then it is a reflection of their insecurities, not yours.

Seeking someone else’s weaknesses in order to manipulate them is such a waste of human productivity, idealism and possibility.

Teachers, in all manner, let others take their innate abilities and grow.  It is a positive reflection on the person who can do it because there is room enough for others’ successes and an unlimited amount of abundance of faith.

Which travels faster – a good word or a complaint?  Which is more lasting in the memory?

Being a sensitive person means actions and feelings do speak louder than words. Sadly, so many people have to hide who they are and those in great need do not seek the support that could change their life and those around them.

Admitting that you are human is always more helpful to others than shutting the door to your emotions and efforts.

There is great joy in discovering possibility and opportunity. It reminds us that we are not limited by our circumstances, but by our belief in ourselves.  Why stay with someone who does not see your value?

For those of us who put others first, we imagine that others are as sincere, caring and honest as ourselves.  We are vulnerable and direct and assume that others are as well.  Admitting that you have to give up on someone is difficult.  It goes against our grain to think that someone is beyond our help or refuses to be uplifted by our encouragement.

There are so many situations where kindness and compassion can make a profound difference in someone’s life.  The backstabbers and the gossips only try to make a difference in improving their own life by limiting someone else’s strengths.  That does not make them better people; it just proves that they have to reduce the competition to make themselves seem better.

If your battle is someone else’s currency, then they have bigger issues than you could ever have.

It may take you longer to get to the finish line, but every step has value.

Charity comes in many forms.

Do good things even when no one else is looking because it is the right thing to do and you deserve to be that kind of person.

Putting on blinders to other people does not protect you, it just limits your view.

Sadly, the world already has enough negative, suspicious and scheming people.

Keep hoping, dreaming, inspiring, and encouraging yourself and others.

If anything I have shared has helped you to feel better, than I am hopefully fulfilling my purpose to improve the world one person at a time.

here for a purpose

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope that you enjoy your visit.

In Life

Friendships with women “of a certain age” seem more precious and fragile to me. They arise like soap bubbles, frothy and shiny, but have to be caught before they slip away. I have to work to catch the opportunity before it is gone.

I do not live in the city where I raised my children; there are no mommy coffee dates and well-planned birthday parties at indoor amusement parks. The memories of Saturday afternoon dinners shared among good friends, and their children, are of a time many years ago.

At this age, I go to work and home. Very rarely, do I have the energy to plan activities in the evenings. However, there is an opportunity to meet people once a year, or every six months, in a long-denied rendezvous of talk and reality. Our spirits merge like magnets, pulled together and hanging on each word, laughing together and grateful for the encapsulated histories we have created. We don’t see each other often, but when we do, we go back to our routine of honesty, laughter, tears, and empathy.

It is a wonderful thing to bypass the posturing and the posing, the nonsense, and the false compliments and go straight to the good stuff: the truth!

We talk about our adult children, the changes in our bodies, the experiences with our families, our concerns for future employment, and what miracle will become our retirement plan. We don’t pretend to be a size 6 or 10 or 14, we know things have softened. But, it is not just our bodies, it is our hearts too. We are more sensitive, aware, and acknowledge the good and bad that occurs in the world and our prayers for the safety of children everywhere. We understand the language of grief and sadness and share it in our conversation. We float from one topic to another, untethered from any destination or motive, and simply speak eye to eye.

We are well-educated but know that intelligence and experiences aren’t always recognized for the accomplishments that they are in a life of ups and downs. We leave the narcissism to others and talk from the soul.

It is such a gift to find, at this stage in my life, that I can be drawn to some personalities who make me feel welcome and treasured. Underneath all the stress and artifice, there are deep wells of emotion and the freedom to share it all with another smart, empathetic, compassionate woman.

Is it better to have a therapist or a friend? At this age, perhaps they are one and the same.

We allow ourselves, without fear, to shed the masks and the tears, and question where and who we are. The delight in unraveling conversation is joyful, but limited in time. That is what makes it all the more precious and recognized for the gift that it is.

Thanks for stopping by! It means more than you know.

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