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Thank you for stopping by! I hope that you enjoy your visit.

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Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope that you enjoy your visit. It means more than you know.

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Seek out others who want to improve the world, whether one cause, or one person, at a time. There are fewer people who will look you in the eye and more who will talk behind your back. It is a great big world, and yet, there are those who cannot see beyond their own small one.

Anyone can put their foot down, but not everyone can give a hand up.

There are not enough words to explain who you are to someone who is committed to misunderstanding you. Save your energy for those who are able to appreciate the gift that it is. Empathy and genuine kindness do not diminish you; they expand to make room for everyone.

Thank you for stopping by! It means more than you know.


Daily Prompt:
Litmus, Litmus on the Wall
If you had to come up with ONE question, the answer to which would determine whether or not you could be friends with a person you’ve just met, what would it be? What would the right answer be?

“Do you consider yourself to be empathetic?”

Firstly, if someone does not know what empathy is, then I know this person is simply not going to understand the priorities in my life.

Secondly, most people who are truly empathetic will not reply with a simple “Yes.”

There is no other defined response; an empathetic person will express themselves with enthusiasm, passion and compassion. Once someone starts speaking, you learn very quickly about what makes her heart beat, her soul expand, and her mind start ticking. You are assured of a great conversation with a quirky sense of humor, a strong sense of loyalty, and a desire to help others.

An open mind, eyes facing out to the world, with an awareness of the needs of others, and a willingness to help is a special person in my humble opinion.

Kindness and compassion are lifelong traits, not only developed late in life. So, I know that the person will have an interesting history and honesty about life and its ups and downs. Also, he/she will have great manners and offer a smile to someone just because….This is someone who can understand the power of caring and sharing the load in good times and bad.

That is the kind of person whom I would want for a friend!

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this topic.

Thanks for stopping by! It means more than you know.


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