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Today is my delivery day for my Hungry Harvest box.  I coordinate my choices of likes and dislikes and pleasantly receive some surprises in each box of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Tomorrow, I will have a new recipe to use the bounty received today;  I am committed to utilizing whatever I receive and reduce my own personal waste.  Sadly, I have had to toss fruits or vegetables that I just left too long purchased when in a more ambitious state.

hungry harvest 2hungry harvest 1

Hungry Harvest is a remarkable organization that “rescues” food and delivers to homes and offices produce that stores won’t accept based on how it looks.

Being judged on your looks is hard for a person, and it is used as a guage judging millions of pounds of produce.

28% are too big or too small

4% are too unique

14% are too ugly (ouch!)

13% have too many “beauty marks”

37% too many grown that cannot be accepted from the farmers who grow the produce

Evan Lutz, co-founder, began in the summer of 2014. Today, they operate in multiple states across the U.S. working to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to those in need, sell below cost to subscribers, and prevent food waste.  Getting healthy and whole foods into the hands of those who struggle is such a worthwhile cause.

He says on the Hungry Harvest website that: “We’re just getting started. We’re just three years old, and have already reduced over 5 million pounds of food from going to the landfill and provided access to over 700,000 pounds of produce through reduced-cost markets and donations to people in need.”

To learn more about this remarkably powerful cause, and see if they deliver in your area, go to



Thank you for stopping by and the opportunity to, hopefully, do some good in our communities.


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