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rose kennedy quote pain is never gone


Death comes with its own ballet of grief. The wordless “O” of mouths. The boneless spine that does not allow one to stand, but rather stagger and lean, crumpled in its mortal state.  There are those who share the sorrow in empathetic eyes to those around them. Others, mandating, or controlling their grief, sit in the tight coil of isolated mourning.

Incomprehensible is the sudden loss of a human, far too young, and always too soon before their time.

Why are more endings tragic rather than peaceful? Is it true that an angel leads one away from the pain and guides its soul to more tranquil and beloved Holy ground?

There are more questions than answers. The frisson of grief below the skin, like a wooly scratch, that cannot be relieved.  Empty glances looking for answers and a shadow face in the background.

A name, made of consonants and vowels, which repeats and are read over and over in the dreamy mind, inserting itself into the sleepless state.

The ego that tells itself that it was more cared for, and whose loss is greater than others, who were merely players in the backdrop of the drama.

The foggy weight of confusion; eyes that cannot see and minds that cannot process. Unbearable loss and grief; unending love with no source to receive it.

Time in its impermanence speeds the years of living and slows the days of mourning.  Some will share the loss, supporting each other in their barren hearts, carrying one forward to the daily reminder that a hole exists.

Rational thought uselessly tries to bind itself to relief and reason. Grappling, empty hands reach out to touch what cannot be felt, seeking a hold on that which cannot be contained. Endless tears and silenced, darkness of pain.  Emotion slams into the body with no release, shock that renders us silent and inviolate.

What comfort could possibly reduce the ambient grief?  What words could resound in the well of emptiness that do not echo endlessly that which we have lost?

Pain without end and despair without resolve; united in grief and solitary in mourning, we are shadows walking the paths of old footprints that no longer fit us.




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grief is not a disorder

thanks for stopping by! it means more than you know.

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