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may you never forget

Having one person in your corner, supporting and encouraging you, truly makes such a difference! In trying to accomplish and achieve more, I have returned to graduate school as a mature learner. I have great anxiety about maintaining the high academic GPA necessary to receive my credits. My current class is on Financial Management and Corporate Accounting.

No, I do not want to be an accountant. Words are my friends; numbers cannot fill that space in my heart and mind that I have reserved for a strong vocabulary. Currently, I am supposed to calculate numerous ratios to analyze financial statements. Definitely not for the faint of heart! At least, not mine. At the first session, 95% of the class said that we were not good at Math and did not want to take a Math class.

All of our subsequent work, in online sessions, has focused on the usage of Math and Algebra to understand Financial Management. Today’s homework is calculating formulas and ratios in Excel without use of any pre-formatted formulas. I may not be smarter than a 5th grader when it comes to identifying the numerator, denominator, and unknown variables. When I sent a frantic email to the tutor, she wrote back to me that in order to successfully complete this class I would need to be able to calculate simple algebraic concepts.

Simple. Algebraic. Concepts.


These are three words that I would never have put together in any Universe or previous version of my Life. This really is as rare as a unicorn sighting.

But ~~ I spoke to a woman who loves numbers! She said that what I was doing was fun! And that she would be happy to help me to understand what I am doing!

What a lift! I felt the weight of a thousand pounds lifted from my shoulders and the stress headache begin to release its permanent hold on my brain. I felt comfortable, instead of terrified, to work on my various ratios and create a sketch sheet of formulas in Excel for my reference. Knowing that I had someone who understood and cared enough to offer help, if needed, gave me strength in a way I have not had in a long time.

I talk about encouragement, guidance, kindness and empathy as the Idealist that I am. Today, someone offered it to me and it made ALL the difference.

Thank you to all of you who offer encouragement, guidance, kindness and empathy. Even if no one else tells you, please, trust and believe me. It literally changes the mental and physical burdens that we each carry. How miraculous to achieve that in the life of another!

Thank you for stopping by! It means more than you know.



planets spinning in space

All those beautiful images that proliferate on the internet: the sun rising or setting, birds fluttering above a wire, babies learning to crawl, trees changing colors, tulips and crocuses popping through the snow crusted ground. They make you believe that you can do anything, achieve anything, try anything.

I am trying to go back to school. It is my belief that I am a lifelong learner and capable of more than others know. It is also my belief that I am certainly capable of more than I have been told by some. Encouragement does not always come from the sources that you think it should and I keep trying to persevere.

But what I am finding is that among those images, there is not one of an over middle-age woman screaming at her computer to stop the monotone voice describing financial formula calculations in Excel. None of them show someone reaching for the aspirin to drown the stress headache from studying internal rates of review, present value, and future value of money. None of them show the terror, fear and panic inside the brain of trying to compress knowledge into a place where it never existed.

As I heard the professor say, ever so calmly, that we are going to incorporate algebraic formulas to express the conceptual values of numbers, the blood vessels in my head began to twitch. As he continued to identify some formulas with Roman numerals in place of integers, one blood vessel actually began shrieking for its Mommy.

When I chose to improve myself, and put my tuition on my credit card, I had no idea that I would have to figure out the internal rate of return on an annuity of X number of years at Y percentage rate to calculate the Future Value of Money and compounding? No wonder anyone who wins the lottery takes the lump sum! The pressure of that kind of math and accounting makes my teeth grind.

I am dizzy just writing this. Did your eyes glaze? Did you skip over the words I wrote? C’mon, it is OK. I cannot be the only one who feels the bile and hysteria rise in my throat as I approach this subject.

There are pain relievers for migraines, body aches, inflammation and bloating.
Please tell me on what shelf the real meds are located for the other vagaries of life? If you want to sell pain reliever and create a pharmaceutical monopoly, then don’t just change the font or color of your labels. Create a true panacea for what really ails me!

—- Adolescent teenagers
—- Difficult colleagues
—- Paying bills
—- Graduate School as a mature learner

How about low dose pain relievers for:

—- what to make for dinner?
—- whose birthday did I forget?
—- arguing over the mess in the bathroom?

We have more medications and more questions with fewer answers and massive amounts of fatigue. When you calculate how to resolve that equation, please get back to me.

Thanks for stopping by! It means more than you know.

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