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Quotation-John-Adams-sleep-wasted experience

I do not fall asleep easily nor do I have the dreamless sleep that others proclaim as restorative.  I am busy in my dreams and  I awake with tales of where I have been, what it looked like, who I spoke to, and of all the colors.  So, feeling well rested is a wonderful, but futile experience for me.

Now, a good day is Sleep, Eat, Read in no particular order.  I read two to three novels each weekend.  I start my day with at least two coffees.  I keep the room warm and the pajamas on.  When I get tired of reading, out comes the computer and reading and discovery take place in the electrical realm, rather than paper.

But sparkles of energy keep my mind awake wherever I read.  When I think of other people, I recall my responsibilities to them or that which I need to do for them.

My brain is never completely free. But to those who observe me, they miss the universes at work in my spirit, mind and soul while I appear to look at my book.  Although it is solitary, it is not still, because activity and response to the words keep me reacting, considering, and absorbing.


Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you enjoy your visit.  It means more than you know.


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