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Lady Justice Newark NJ

Somewhere between self awareness, and self preservation, lies an ocean of truth. Not to put too fine a point on a metaphor, but it really can get pretty murky. Jobs, Family, Finances, and more cover a wide variety of issues to fight about and build up a head of anger. I am pretty partial to my version of the truth and know that you are very comfortable with yours.

I was thinking (yes, I truly was) about Lady Justice and her blindfold, carefully balancing the scales in her hand to weigh both sides of the issue. Is she blind to anything but the facts? Or the truth? Or only the truth that someone can back up with facts?

Empathically you can pick up the stream of consciousness around you pretty fast. It isn’t always pretty, or fair, or frankly, even tolerable. But, there it is, the awareness of knowledge in your head and the hum of anxiety in your veins about what you are observing and feeling. The truth is so clear sometimes, but too hard to put into words for others. So, you sit quietly with that Mona Lisa look upon your face while the whole situation plays out like a symphony for one. Every note, crescendo, and cymbal is crashing and you know that the end result is going to be painful. Yet, you have to keep it to yourself. The only truth that matters to some people is their most beneficial version of the truth so it is already crafted in false flattery and convenient lapses in memory. It might be easier to be ignorant to some. Ignorance is supposed to be bliss, right? But then you are just ignorant!

The oath taken in court is to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. I believe in Justice and feel no tolerance for dishonesty and exclusion in all its forms. No one has the might on their side to treat someone else badly; there is no authority given to be a jerk. Power and control may be the face that someone wants you to see, but it is not the real truth, merely a mask.

Real truth does not try to make you uncomfortable or feel badly. It does not disappoint or cower in shame. Real truth is healing, clarifying and a starting point for moving forward. Real truth is also hard to find because there are too many people covering their eyes to its light, hoping to hide a little longer in the dark.

Thanks so much for stopping by! It means more than you know.

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