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being told you are appreciated is the simplest and most uplifting

Watch carefully the reaction when you express thanks and appreciation to someone for an effort that they have quietly made.  So many feel that what we do is not seen, nor appreciated, and taken for granted.  Yet, observing, acknowledging, and complimenting literally uplifts a person’s spirit, well being and how one carries him or herself.

To be able to achieve such a positive influence for another, however brief, is a miracle we are capable of creating.


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Hanging Boxing Gloves

It is exhausting watching some people try to even the score in a game they care nothing about.


In the end, you end up with two people who are bruised, hurting and nowhere to go with their anger. The sad and wasted energy to progress no further than watching what used to work, but does not anymore.

Can this be all there is after so many years of duking it out and rolling with the punches? Maybe at another time, years earlier, or another stage of life, I would have used all my energy to fight back, yet again. But, now I am realizing that winning can be more painful than losing and acceptance more difficult than both.

Healing is much more productive even if harder to achieve.


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