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We are on the precipice of a great and glorious future….. or so many commencement addresses have begun, or enticements to war.  At the start of a new job or a major life change, we stand at the steep edge of one position to make a great leap into another and untried experience.

Change can be good, yet many of us have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to leave a bad situation to head into a new unknown.  Stepping out of a comfort zone is scary even when it is good for us.  We do stay in situations that are unhealthy, unproductive, and stagnant.  Some of our best skills and inherent traits go unused because they are undervalued or underexposed.

Yet, it is scary to step off that ledge into the vast abyss of doubt, fear, anxiety, and start anew. By nature, we are optimistic that things will work out, or money will arrive, or our health will hold out, or untested faith that all will occur rightly, as it should.

Taking chances, or choosing something new in our life, tests our endurance mentally and physically.  Despite the fear, there are the brave few who leap ~ precariously, judiciously, respectfully, and forcefully, to create change.  Embracing achievement and expanding our horizons means taking that first step.  But, it can be the start of something incredible and no matter how big, starts with that first shaky step to land on the other side of optimism, and simply begin…

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Hope is a desire for improvement. It is a willing and conscious effort to hold on for something better.

There are those who will try to bring you thuddingly down to Earth with their unkind words and bad behavior.  But, it has nothing to do with you.  If someone like that can say something that makes you feel badly, then they have gained control of you or the situation.

You deserve to want something better.  Knowing that you want things to change is actually quite positive.    It is a desire to believe and trust in a better way and the willingness to look forward with optimism.  Hope is the resilience to push on even when things are unclear. Hope can be a way forward with a solitary focus on how to get there and a commitment to take concrete steps to achieve it.  Sounds pretty positive to me.

Keep Going!


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I have many thoughts that have gone through my mind, but hesitated to write.  I have wondered if sharing my ideas meant that I would be adding to the overflow of messages we quickly sift through each day.  But, I am trying to be brave.

I am trying to create booster shots of empathy for the many topics that cross my thoughts and stir my emotions.  I hope that you will be patient; if you don’t like one, perhaps another will be the right dose to help you, or someone else, who needs a little extra attention.  Either way, please feel free to share, because I would love to hear what you have to say when it is the right time for you to join in.

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